Rope access painting

A dirty building gives a bad impression of your organisation, but many companies ignore the exterior of their premises, thinking it’s going to be too costly or too much hassle to sort.

But not with rope access painting. Our expert team of qualified and experienced abseilers can set up on any building, at any height, and get into any nook and crevice, at an incredibly cost-effective price.

Not only are cherry pickers and scaffolding expensive, they’re also unsightly and can get in the way of your operations. With rope access it’s much less intrusive and we can also work outside of normal office hours, to ensure minimal disruption.

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Rope access maintenance for buildings

Any type of external building maintenance can be undertaken by our expert team of rope access technicians, whether it’s for a football stadium, a high-rise office block, or a hospital.

First impressions count, so things like broken pipes and blocked guttering not only look bad but if left unresolved, they can cause bigger – and costlier issues.

  • Ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas
  • Significantly cheaper than hiring expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers
  • Unobtrusive – there’s no unsightly equipment getting in the way of the running of our organisation
  • Flexible – we can work out of hours if necessary

Ropetec Safety Solutions regularly undertake the following types of rope access maintenance work. If you have any specific requirements that are not listed, please contact us as we’ll be able to help.

  • Building facade and gutter cleaning
  • Plant and vegetation removal
  • Concrete and joint repairs
  • Pipework, cable-work and fire systems
  • Pest control and bird netting
  • Mastic and sealant work
  • Painting
  • Lighting maintenance and repair
  • Banner insulation
  • Cladding installation
  • Eye bolt installation and testing
  • Safety line installation and testing
  • Confined space cleaning and maintenance
  • Glass replacement
  • Window repairs
  • Facades restoration

Abseiling window cleaning

Cleaning windows by a team of qualified and experienced abseilers is becoming ever more popular as organisations see the benefits for themselves.

  • Significantly cheaper than traditional methods of cleaning - as it avoids the need for expensive equipment
  • More effective than alternative methods of window cleaning – our team can move around the building quickly and can access those hard to reach places that may have previously been inaccessible
  • Minimal disruption to your organisation as the work is unobtrusive and can be performed out of hours if required


We have installed many netting and spiked solutions to deter birds from landing on buildings and creating a mess.

Netting is useful for large areas of roofing and building facades, while spiked solutions on ledges, windowsills and lighting help prevent birds perching and nesting. We use rope access systems to install bird control solutions – it’s fast, flexible and cost-effective as there’s no need to hire expensive and unsightly plant equipment or scaffolding.

Every project undergoes a thorough site survey before work commences and a post-project assessment to ensure we conform to the relevant health and safety requirements.

Eyebolt installation and testing

At Ropetec Safety Solutions we are qualified and experienced in installing and testing all types of eyebolts for fall arrest, work restraint, work positioning and – when installed in pairs – for industrial abseiling. They can be installed into brick, masonry, concrete, cavity walls and steel structures.

We are also fully certified and independently trained in the selection, installation and testing of Class 1 A1 anchor eyebolts which provide a safe anchorage point for fall arrest and rope access purposes. Any A1 anchor eyebolts we use conform to BS EN 795 and installed to BS7883; 2005.

Eyebolts should be tested every 6 months for safety and to ensure they comply with HSE legislation. Once we have tested them, and found them to be satisfactory, we provide eyebolt certification.

Safety lines installation and maintenance

Ropetec Safety Solutions can install, maintain and certify all types of fall arrest safety lines and man-safe systems to EN795:2012.

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